help me out of here

isn't it funny how much time have passed from when we last hugged each other? I wonder but I can remember how comfortable it was to be near to you. At this moment that I remember the feeling from the past the wish of holding you again grows inside of me. ok..I have to stop thinking about that.. because it doesn't change anything except of missing you more then ever. I really miss u ..I really do! I don't know why but I don't think that it's that hard for you to. Now I can imagine how going thrue hell must feel. It's like dying inside a thousand times. I wish you would come back and help me to stand up but instead you led me laying down here to die. There are many broken chains between us. But if you would just come back could fix them all It feels like I don't need anything but you.. so please help me out of this dark.. it hurts so damn much..I can't stand it anymore! I really don't want to live my life without you.. Cause you have been my life for more than four years now My life sucks so much without having you by my side. please come on an hug me kiss me and never let me go again I don't need no water, I don't need food, I don't need air. Everything I need was you. but your not here anymore.. so I am dying inside.
9.3.09 16:32

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Drowning (16.3.09 22:03)
Quite impressive...
Look apart and you'll see the sun, but to look apart you need to drag your eyes away from him...
How to solve...

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